Solar panels for business customers

BestWatt solar panels for business use

Businesses - including agrobusinesses - consume a lot of energy every year. And energy prices are always rising, so something needs to be done. Solar energy is a smart and profitable solution. Because solar power is inexhaustible, and modern solar panels offer a higher efficiency at lower costs. With BestWatt solar panels you get the best out of the sun.

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  • A-quality solar panels
  • No permit required
  • Optimum yield
  • All-in maintenance
  • No transport costs

More benefits
with the solution from BestWatt

Solar panels are mostly profitable between march and october. The energy yield is much lower in the autumn and winter. BestWatt offers you a total solution in wich the right amount of sustainable energy is generated for your business management. A combination of wind energy, solar energy and energy storage. With the BestWatt solution you generate 100% of your own sustainable energy.

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Benefits of solar panels

energy bill

With the total solution from BestWatt, your energy bill will be considerably lower over the entire lifetime.


Wind energy, solar energy and energy storage are fully sustainable. You will be contributing to a cleaner world.



It is possible to choose your own design, such as solar panels as a canopy.

your energy label

A better energy rating helps when selling property. The better the energy label, the lower the energy costs of the property.

on arrangements and schemes

BestWatt is well informed about all the arrangements and schemes for solar panels. We would be happy to help you!


We maintain your renewable energy solution and ensure optimum availability by monitoring and adjusting it continuously.

Power as a service

  • All-inclusive plan
  • Optimum availability through monitoring and maintenance
  • Various financing options (purchase or lease)

Would you like a wind turbine, solar panels and/or storage, without having to make a large investment? With power as a service, you pay for the BestWatt solution based on the kilowatt hours produced. After that, you will benefit from free energy for years to come. You can also conclude an energy contract with us. You then pay a fixed price per kWh generated. For a specified, predetermined period.