Energy storage

Always enough energy for your business operations

Sometimes nature generates more energy than you need. With a storage system you store the excess energy and use it when you need it for your business operations. Depending on the nature, size and location of your business, we recommend a specific capacity of the storage system to you, geared to your specific circumstances. Because we want to make sure that you can always store enough energy, and rely on nature at peak times.

Benefits of energy storage

in your own hands

By storing energy, you are no longer dependent on an energy supplier.


No high-capacity
connection required

With an energy storage system we increase your capacity. So you always have enough energy.

Emergency power

By storing energy, you have an emergency power supply in case of power failure.

  • No transport costs
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Share the costs
  • All-in maintenance
  • Emergency power

Want to know what is the best solution for your situation?

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Power as a service

  • All-inclusive plan
  • Optimum availability through monitoring and maintenance
  • Various financing options (purchase or lease)

Would you like a wind turbine, solar panels and/or storage, without having to make a large investment? With power as a service, you pay for the BestWatt solution based on the kilowatt hours produced. After that, you will benefit from free energy for years to come. You can also conclude an energy contract with us. You then pay a fixed price per kWh generated. For a specified, predetermined period.