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The right amount of energy

Many agricultural and other businesses are looking for a solution for sustainable energy. A solution that generates the right amount of renewable energy. This is the solution BestWatt offers: a combination of wind energy, solar energy and energy storage. With the total solution from BestWatt, you can generate 100% of your own renewable energy. Ideal for those who want to purchase their energy for business purposes and save costs.

The solutions for wind energy, solar energy and energy storage can also be supplied separately. Together with you, we find a solution that best suits your situation, energy needs and wallet.

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Solar and wind: the ideal combination

Solar panels generate the most energy between March and October. In autumn and winter, the energy yield is much lower. But wind turbines generate a lot of their energy at night and during gloomy weather. BestWatt offers you a total solution in which the right amount of renewable energy is generated for your business operations: a combination of wind and solar energy. By storing the generated energy in an energy storage system, you use the energy when you need it.

Five steps to your (total) solution

Step 1:
Free quotation interview

We think it's important you make the right choice. That is why we would like to talk to you. Of course this conversation is completely free of any obligation. We draw up a quotation based on your wishes.

Step 2:
Applying for a licence

In some cases, you will need a permit from your municipality to install a wind turbine. We know exactly in which cases a permit is required, and how to apply for it easily.

Step 3:

We order the solar panels from our regular supplier. We make the wind turbines in our own workshop in Barneveld. Interested? Take a look in our workshop in Barneveld!

Step 4:

We take care of everything during the installation of the (total) solution of BestWatt. We prepare your (total) solution, so that you can produce your own sustainable energy as quickly as possible.

Step 5:
Monitoring and maintenance

A wind turbine and solar panels are made to save energy for many years. Provided they are well maintained. Choose an all-in maintenance contract. Everything is covered for a fixed amount per year.

Power as a service

  • All-inclusive plan
  • Optimum availability through monitoring and maintenance
  • Various financing options (purchase or lease)

Would you like a wind turbine, solar panels and/or storage, without having to make a large investment? With power as a service, you pay for the BestWatt solution based on the kilowatt hours produced. After that, you will benefit from free energy for years to come. You can also conclude an energy contract with us. You then pay a fixed price per kWh generated. For a specified, predetermined period.