Design your own wind turbine

Design your own wind turbine

The main reason to invest in a wind turbine is to produce renewable energy. But what if you can design your own wind turbine so it is totally in your own style?

At BESTWIND you are able to design your total wind turbine. Choose from numerous colours, tower height and foundation. You may also wish to add your own text or logo to the wind turbine.

It is also possible to extend your BESTWIND wind turbine with additional systems and options like BESTSTORAGE (energy storage) and BESTSUN (solar panels).


In what kind of surrounding will your wind turbine be installed? Commercial,industrial, farm or in a residential area?


Our foundation ensures that your wind turbine is unshakably firm under all weather conditions. Choose for a temporary or final foundation.


What tower height do you need? It depends on the site. In an urban environment you need a higher tower height. In other environments the tower height is less affective.

Choose your colour

Of course it is possible to deliver your BESTWIND wind turbine in a standard colour. But there is the option to design your own wind turbine. Choose the colour for the tower, nacelle and rotor. What about the colours of your company? Complete your wind turbine with your logo and company name.  Now you can show others that you do sustainable business.

Mast colour


Nacelle colour


Rotor colour



How does your wind turbine perform at the moment? What’s the wind speed and wind direction? And when is the next service scheduled? You can control this on your smart phone by using our Wind UP App.

Produced too much energy? Store your generated power in our BESTSTORAGE system. Now you can use your power later.

Do you install your energy storage outside? This shed protects your system against rain and dirt.


Enter your details and receive the BESTWIND-configuration by mail. 

We always deal confidentially with your data.

Let's get energy!