Dairy farm Visscher (NL)

Gerwin Visscher has a large dairy farm in Dalfsen. The milking robots run continuously. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The combination of sustainability and energy has become very important for farming. Visscher opted for the BestWatt solution. 100% own energy.

Because we consume so much energy through the milking robots, we have issued advice to generate more energy with wind than with solar panels. A more expensive solution, but the best choice for the long term. You have energy from solar panels over a very short period of time. Wind energy all year round; day and night.

2 Windturbines

Place Dalfsen, NL
Sector Agrarisch
Foundation Pile
Tower height 15 meter (mogelijk vanaf 15-30 m)
Start 2019


Place Putten, Nederland
Sector Agrarisch
Number panels 96
Capacity 295 Wp
Start 2019