About BestWatt

One complete system
for wind energy, solar energy and storage

BestWatt offers a total solution for sustainable energy for agricultural and other businesses: a combination of wind energy, solar energy and storage. With the total solution from BestWatt, you can generate 100% of your own renewable energy. And you will also be working on a cleaner environment and a future without fossil fuels. With the small wind turbine, solar panels and energy storage from BestWatt, you can give your company a sustainable image.

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BestWatt is an initiative of Bettink Service Team

BestWatt is a specialist in the management and maintenance of wind turbines. The goal: sustainable energy for everyone. Because that is cheaper and more sustainable.

After years of working as a maintenance engineer for small-scale wind turbines, Joop Bettink founded Bettink Service Team in 1996. "We started with the maintenance of small turbines. We were soon also asked to work on larger turbines. Today, we are the market leader in our field in the Netherlands. We are also active in several other countries, such as Northern Ireland, Germany and Greece."

Why BestWatt?

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • A team of 40 Specialists
  • All-in maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands

Sustainable solution

The Netherlands has set itself the goal of generating no less than 37% of its energy sustainably by 2030. Quite a challenge. And what's more: where do you start? Our advice is: start with yourself. Wind energy and solar energy are a sustainable way of generating energy. You contribute to a cleaner environment and a future without fossil fuels. In combination with a battery storage system, you generate 100% of your own energy.

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