Solar energy, wind energy and energy storage

BestWatt offers a total solution for sustainable energy for agricultural and other businesses: a combination of wind energy, solar energy and storage. With the total solution from BestWatt, you can generate 100% of your own renewable energy. This way you will no longer be dependent on an energy supplier. And you will also be working on a cleaner environment and a future without fossil fuels. With the small wind turbine, solar panels and energy storage from BestWatt, you can give your company a sustainable image.

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Total solution for renewable energy

BestWatt offers you a total solution in which the right amount of renewable energy is generated for your business operations. A combination of wind energy, solar energy and energy storage. Solar and wind energy complement each other perfectly. On summer days, wind turbines are often still, while solar panels are working overtime. But wind turbines generate a lot of their energy at night and during gloomy weather. By storing the generated energy, you use it when you need it.

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Benefits of the total solution


Met de BestWatt totaaloplossing bent u niet langer afhankelijk van een energieleverancier.


With a sustainable energy solution you contribute to a better environment, without fossil fuels.


BestWatt is part of Bettink Service Team, specialist in the maintenance of wind turbines.

energy bills

With a small wind turbine and/or solar panels your energy bill will be a lot lower.


We maintain your renewable energy solution and ensure optimum availability.


One connection

Solar and wind on a single connection. No extra costs needed for a larger or second connection.

We advise you regarding
the ideal combination

The solutions for wind energy, solar energy and energy storage can also be supplied separately. Together with you, we find a solution that best suits your situation, energy needs and wallet.

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Are you wondering what the total solution of BestWatt looks like, and how it works? Come and visit our experience centre in Barneveld. Contact us at 0342 - 40 64 64. The coffee is ready!

BestWatt is a total solution
which RENGINEERS is offering you

We give you tailor-made advice and arrange everything for you, including permits and maintenance. Rengineers is exclusive dealer of the BestWatt concept. With extensive experience in service and maintenance of wind turbines and energy installations. Quality guaranteed!



  • More than 24 years of experience
  • 500+ wind turbines
  • 98.6% availability

Customer experiences

"With the total solution from BestWatt, companies express all the ways of sustainable energy. By storing energy, it does not escape unused."

Pieter van Gisbergen
Top Totaal

"I want to contribute to the future with sustainable energy and do not put down the climate problem with the next generation."

Engbert Stoter
Stoter zand en grind handel 

"Our milking robot runs day and night, for which energy storage is ideal! At night, the solar panels do not generate any energy, but of course during the day."

Geurt Kets
Farmer Zeewolde